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National Police Dog Foundation (NPDF) is a regional nonprofit organization offering support to underfunded K-9 units of the Police, Sheriff Departments, Border Patrol, Railroad Police, Tribal Police, Homeland Security, and the Coast Guard.

The existing fundraising capabilities of the small all-volunteer organization were not able to meet the financial needs for the purchasing, training, medical, and retirement, of these K-9 units.

Built a complete online donation platform and pipeline with a standardized message. The website automatically generated unique visitor IDs and rankings, delivering custom content according to visitor behavior, and a nurturing funnel to convert visitors into a donor.

Project Details

Did a complete overhaul of their website including SEO, Marketing Automation, Forms, Blogs, News, Educational Components, and Landing Pages.

Developed a complete back-end Marketing Automation, donor behavioral-based segmentation, and analytics platform.

Then used the data to deliver targeted, bulk email campaigns, CRM engagement, and social media messages that optimized their reach and ROI.

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