CASE STUDY: Art Ltd. Magazine

Print and Publishing

Art Ltd. Magazine, was conceived and developed into a national contemporary visual art magazine, with national bookstore, and international subscription circulation.

It enjoyed a print readership of over 80,000, plus an extra 23,000 online readership.

Art Ltd. became the leading contemporary art magazine in the Western and Midwestern United States representing museums, galleries, and artists. It successfully filled a huge void in theĀ contemporary art world.

Even after being sold, art Ltd. continued to be the premier contemporary art magazine for the Western and Midwestern US, positively affecting and influencing the lives of artists, through sales by galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions in museums. Unfortunately, a few years after being sold, the magazine was forced to close due to declining sales in the contemporary art market.

Project Details

The launching and sustaining of a new publication, in a market where print readership and subscriptions were on the decline, created many challenges and opportunities.

In order to deliver valued content to a niche market, where visuals, critique, and dialogue were still appreciated through the medium of print, required client-preference segmentation and deliberate target marketing.

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Marketing Campaigns
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Creative & Design
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